Sunday, February 25, 2007

Byatt Group

The A.S. Byatt group will be meeting at the Duboce Park Cafe at 6:30 on February 28, 2007.

Here's some extra info from Marla for all of us:
"I found some interesting links on A. S. Byatt (listed below) that I wanted to share with you. The first link includes an interviews section which has some interviews with the author about the Little Black Book of Stories. The second link is her official site.

I hope the group will use this post as a place to keep in touch with each other and me.
Cynthia K


Betty said...

Hi, Cynthia, looks like you are on a roll, as usual! Thanks so much for getting our Book Club, make that "Book League," underway.

Looking forward to the March 21st meeting and special guest appearing that evening.

Big thanks to Rachel Herbert at Doboce Park Cafe too! - Betty

Cynthia K said...

The book club is terrific. Thank you so much for giving us all this chance to get together, and using your list for so many great things for the community.
Cynthia K.

mrabin said...

Looking forward to our first book discussion this Wednesday. I've enjoyed reading the book - plenty to discuss with these stories. As usual, Byatt enhances my vocabulary. Two of my favorite new vocabulary words from the book are listed below. See if you can remember where she used them...



See you Wednesday!

Happy Reading,

Cynthia K said...

I am really looking forward to participating in the meeting on Wednesday February 28. I love Byatt and this book particularly. Thanks to Marla for keeping us all so informed and excited!
Cynthia K