Friday, December 15, 2006

Planning Session

Rachel Herbert and Cynthia Lee Katona get together to make plans for the first meeting of the Betty's List Book Club at Duboce Park Cafe.

Welcome to Betty's List Book Club Blog

Welcome to Betty’s List Book Club Blog. Betty and I are excited about providing a safe, engaging and thoughtful space for GLBT readers to share their insights about the books they have read, their reading experiences, and their joy of reading.

In addition to contributing to Betty’s List Book Club Blog, I am looking forward to facilitating Betty’s real, live, in your face, happily social, and hopefully provocative Betty’s Book Club (beginning on January 31, 2007 at the beautiful Duboce Park Cafe). I am counting on readers of this “virtual venture” to help me shape the direction of that “real life adventure” with their comments and advice.

In thirty years of teaching community college literature, the one thing my students have taught me is that avid readers have many ways of approaching the books that they love. In my new book, Book Savvy, I have tried to present some of these “reasons to make reading an important part your life” to a wider audience in an attempt to encourage everyone to read more (quantity…way good) and read more meaningfully (quality…way better).

To begin our conversation here, I’d like to throw out eleven reasons to read for your consideration. If you know a twelfth reason, I’d love to have an even dozen. I’m also fishing for why you particularly like to read, so that I can select the first few books for the Betty’s List Book Club. Subsequent books will be easy for us to choose, once I get to know you all in real time.

So let’s begin. What do you think of these reasons to read? What books do you think are essential reading? What do you want in a book club? What else do you want to talk about? Help shape the Betty’s Book Club experience with your ideas and expertise.

Eleven Reasons to Make Reading an Important Part of Your Life:
Reading for Information
Reading to Understand Others
Reading to Know Oneself
Reading for Fun
Reading for Ideas
Reading as Virtual Travel
Reading to Become a Part of Our Culture
Reading for Suspense
Reading for the Love of Beauty
Reading for Glimpses of Perfection
Reading to Develop Thinking, Writing and Conversational Skills

Welcome…Let the Games Begin.

Cynthia Lee Katona
Professor and Author of Book Savvy