Sunday, February 18, 2007

Betty's List Book Club Join Us February 21, 2007


Anna B. said...

What time does the book club meet tonight? I can't seem to find the time posted anywhere.

Cynthia K said...

I'm so sorry. It meets at 6:30 each time. The next meeting is March 21. I hope somehow you found out the time and that you are the Anna I met this evening. If not, I can get you meshed into one of the book groups that formed tonight.
Cynthia K

Anonymous said...


jamie said...

Glad to meet everyone! I look forward to bonding with my group 'Can't fail', and making many other new, book loving friends! :)

Cynthia K said...

I love the name "Can't Fail." As soon as I get emails from the various Organizational Facilitators, I'll get posts up for each group under their own name, so that members will find it easy to talk with one another.
Cynthia K

Cynthia K said...

Hi mis:
Glad to see you are still with us.
lol, Cynthia K.