Sunday, May 20, 2007

Walkabout in the Southwest

Hi everyone:

I'm finishing up my final exams this week, and getting ready to take off on my annual walkabout in the Southwest. I'll be back with pictures of Death Valley, Bodie, the new lookout on the Grand Canyon, Hopi's third Mesa, the floor of Canyon d' Chelly, and Santa Fe. If you send any notes to me about club dates after this Friday, you can expect the information to be posted mid-June. Hope you are all looking forward to exciting summer plans. See you on June 20 at Duboce Park Cafe for speaker Katia Noyes.

Cynthia K.


Gayla said...

Cynthia - you wanted comments... now you've got 'em. enjoy your trip! see you june 20th at duboce park cafe. :-)

Cynthia K said...

Hey, thanks for helping Melissa liven up the blog space! Looking forward to Katia Noyes on June 20th...see you there.
Cynthia K