Thursday, May 17, 2007

Carol Queen: What an Exciting Speaker. Thanks!

Thanks to Carol Queen for her exciting and inspiring reading.

Great question and answer period with our amazing Betty's List Book Club members.

The Traditional Betty's List Raffle.

Michelle wins a copy of Book Savvy by Cynthia Lee Katona

New Betty's List Book Club member.

Nancy gives Carol her full attention.

Members Ginny, Gilda and Melissa.

Thanks to Rachel Herbert for the great venue: Duboce Park Cafe.

Dr. Queen signing her books.

Carol Queen and Cynthia Lee Katona (Betty's List Book Club Co-chair)

Cynthia K


Anonymous said...

Anyone know how to get involved in the masterbate-athon? Anyone want to sponsor me?
49? HA!

Cynthia K said...

I'll forward your request to Dr. Queen.
Cynthia K

Anonymous said...

Well, are YOU sponsoring anyone?

Gayla said...

so... Melissa... what's the number 49 represent? hmmm...?

Anonymous said...

The speaker mentioned that 49 was the record for most orgasms in one day.
So, it represents desparity, because I know for a fact that it's possible to have more than that. I was merely mentioning to Cynthia that THAT was possible but as you can see, no go. lol

Gayla said...

i'm with you on that one. 49 definately represents disparity in regards to having that many orgasms in one day.
my goddess! who counts?!?