Wednesday, March 21, 2007

Thank You Renate Stendhal!

A huge thank you to Renate Stendhal for her inspiring talk about Gertrude Stein! It was great to see all the Betty's List Book Club members listening and asking provocative questions! Readers truly rule. Truly rule. Truly rule. Truly rule.

[I am going to be on Spring Break until April 2. When I get back, I will post more pictures from this wonderful event. I'll also answer comments to posts on my return, so keep those comments coming. Happy Holidays to all.]


mjbick said...

Thank you Renate! I really enjoyed the evening and was disappointed to learn that the book is not readily available.

On my way to the reading I stopped at a small shop called "Bookshelves and Books" which sells bookshelves and used books. I bought a bookshelf and then proceeded to the Duboce cafe for the reading. On Saturday I went to pick up my new shelves and browsed the used book section. Lo and behold - there was Renate's book!

So I've spent the last few evenings reading about the fascinating life of Gertrude Stein. It's a great book and if you can find it, definitely worthwhile.

See you at the next meeting!

Cynthia K said...

Buying a new bookshelf is such a great way to begin your paricipation in a book club! Bravo...such optimism.
Cynthia K