Monday, March 19, 2007

Can't Fail Group Meeting 3/18/07

Wednesday, March 21st, 6:30 PM at Duboce Park Cafe, San Francisco (Full Club Meeting). Let's fill the Duboce Cafe again with avid readers to hear Renate Stendhal on Gertrude Stein.

Really terrific meeting at Rudy's Can't Fail Cafe in Emeryville. Wharton would have loved the discussion of her Age of Innocence. Thanks very much for letting me join you. Cynthia K

Here's a note from your incredibly efficient facilitator:

Hello Can't Fail Group,

I had such a wonderful time with all of you yesterday. What a great discussion. We're the best!!!

We have picked, Oranges Are Not The Only Fruit, by Jeanette Winterson as our next book.

Meeting Schedule:

Sunday, April 15th, 11:30 AM at Jamie's House, [Address in the email to members]
(Let's discuss if we want to potluck, have food delivered, go out to eat, or just eat ahead of time.)

Since we are all coming from different directions, I'll let you mapquest it yourself.

Professor Cynthia, you are cordially invited. Hope to see you. [Thank plan is to join you]

So, please email me with your preferred dining options for the 15th of April. Also, please email your preferred dates for our May meeting. Let's try to schedule that now if we can.

See you on Wednesday!

Thank you!!!



jamie said...

I sure had a good time with you all! I will see you gals on Wed, and again at my house on the 15th! (make sure your taxes are in before you come) :) Oh, and I went down to the Rainbow Room, and the lady working said she would love for us to have a meeting there! She will put tables together for us, and she gave me a name of a woman who is interested in joining us.. :) Cynthia, I will forward you hae name and contact info!

Cynthia K said...

It really was an exciting meeting, and the food was great! Thanks for scoping out the Rainbow Room...that was a clever suggestion for a meeting place. I look forward to seeing everyone again in April. Oranges are not the only Fruit is a terrific choice for the group's next book.
Cynthia K

Eileen said...

Great time with everyone at Rudy's! Thank you all for the wonderful discussion. Jamie, thanks for suggesting the Rainbow Room and for offering up your home to the cause!

mrabin said...


I got a chance to watch the movie and wanted to comment that I thought it was _incredibly_ faithful to the book (in content, tone, motifs, etc). Visuals of colors and flowers and food and clothes were all used to convey the rich ambiance of the book.
I did appreciate the narration, and was happy that it was a female voice, in that it felt more like Wharton telling us the story (rather than Newland). The narrator was indeed Joanne Woodward, and she was great.

Cynthia K said...

Thanks for the update on the movie...I'm going to try to get a copy of it myself on the strength of that great review. Milo was terrific...tell him he's an "unofficial" member of the group like me.
Cynthia K

jamie said...

My pleasure to offer up my house to the cause, but I have a feeling we will all be simply meeting here, then heading a block over to the Rainbow Room :) I just started reading the book, and I lost track of the time on the elliptical machine at the gym..

Cynthia K said...

Any book that can make you lose track of time when you are exercising has my vote! See you all soon.
Cynthia K