Thursday, February 21, 2008

Huge Thanks to Lucy Bledsoe....Great Reading!

A huge thanks to Lucy Bledsoe for her terrific reading from her new book Apple. And thanks to the members of the Betty's List Book Club for the great turnout. Rachel Herbert and her wonderful staff take such superb care of us!

Lucy Bledsoe reads from her novel Apple.

Lucy Bledsoe enjoying Betty Sullivan's Introduction.

Dr. Betty Sullivan among the daffodils.

Full house at the Duboce Park Cafe.

Jen and Heather enjoy Lucy's reading.

Lucy Bledsoe reads for the Betty's List Book Club

Lucy's friend from High School~

Guess which one is the Birthday Girl?

Lucy Bledsoe, author of Apple, with Betty's List Book Club Co-chair, and author of Book Savvy, Cynthia Lee Katona.

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