Sunday, December 23, 2007

January 16 Ellis Avery Featured Speaker!

Betty's List Book Club welcomes Ellis Avery as the tenth in our series of outstanding readers and and speakers. The event starts promptly at 6:30, and we encourage you to come early and get a bite to eat and a glass of wine at Rachel Herbert's wonderful Duboce Park Cafe.

"Saturated with color and detail; [Avery] manages to make nineteenth-century Japan both accessible and exotic, infusing her story with a sense of dignified calm...[A] deeply engrossing, multifaceted work." The Boston Globe

"Ellis Avery studied tea ceremony for several years, so it makes sense that the ritual dominates her first novel." Entertainment Weekly.

"Ellis Avery's book The Teahouse Fire is the most perfect evocation of Japanese Tea Culture to ever arrive on Western Shores. A well-written, gripping story of extreme subtlety." Cynthia Lee Katona, Author of Book Savvy.

Save the date...see you there.
Cynthia K

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