Sunday, November 18, 2007

Revisiting our First Blog Notice for New Members

The Betty's List Book Club has grown so large and so quickly, that we have many new members who already don't know how it all started. My original idea was to get together a nice book group of 6 to 10 women to attend myself. But then I hooked up with Betty and Betty's list and my modest idea grew into a book league with seven book groups meeting all over the Bay Area, and a Speaker's Night (every third Wednesday at Rachel Herbert's delightful Duboce Park Cafe). Thank you all for being avid readers, and making this book club your own! Cynthia K.

Here is an excerpt from our original post:

So let’s begin. What do you think of these reasons to read from Book Savvy? What books do you think are essential reading? What do you want in a book club? What else do you want to talk about? Help shape the Betty’s Book Club experience with your ideas and expertise.

Eleven Reasons to Make Reading an Important Part of Your Life:
Reading for Information
Reading to Understand Others
Reading to Know Oneself
Reading for Fun
Reading for Ideas
Reading as Virtual Travel
Reading to Become a Part of Our Culture
Reading for Suspense
Reading for the Love of Beauty
Reading for Glimpses of Perfection
Reading to Develop Thinking, Writing and Conversational Skills

We're still looking for your answers to all those questions, and we want to continue to grow the book club in ways that meet your needs (See the November calendar for a new wheelchair accessible group). And don't forget Book Savvy makes a great Christmas present....Cheers. Have a safe and wonderful holiday season.

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